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How To Submit Blog

Posted on:June 4, 2023 at 04:25 PM

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Steps to Submit blog on

Submitting blog

Detailed Steps oh how to Submit & get your blog published.

Start Writing your blog

Since MD format supports HTML tags and other method, we will make use of it to make more attractive blogs reference to some of those tags mentioned below

use > symbol to create blocks to highlight difference sections

There are 2 ways to achieve this.

Must have headers to get your blogs published are title , author , pubDatetime , tags & description after which you can add your content of the blog.

Example 👇


NOTE : You can use tags to mention the category of your blog for example hacks,news,smartcontracts,solidity anyone of your choice can be used. This will help categories your blogs much effeciently & help community members search blogs relevant to their interest.

Example 👇

Stay ahead of the game with Web3Sec, the ultimate community-driven platform for the latest news and insights on web3 security, blockchain technology, and audits. Contribute, publish, and earn recognition! Share your web3 dev & security insights with the community in just 3 steps on this open-source platform.

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